Fitness Trampolines

Jumprfit Fitness trampolines will benefit your health while keeping it enjoyable, it will become the most interesting exercise for you and as well as for your kid.

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Backyard Trampolines

Install our trampoline in your backyard and motivate your kids to get outside and have some fun instead of having screen time in room

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PRO Trampolines

We've designed our PRO series with safety in mind!. The curve on the poles of this trampoline help avoid collisions, helping to keep you and your family safe.

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Big Outdoor Trampolines

Double the size, double the fun & safety. It’s bound to happen — your kids and their friends are all going to want to pile on at the same time (though we don’t recommend it; it’s safer to fly solo).

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Jumprfit produces quality accessories and spare parts for trampolines so when your trampoline needs a repair you can use it to prevent damage to it and keep users as safe as possible.